Our Idea

How did this start? Here’s the long story.

Sarah and Shoshanah met in college at the University of Florida where they were students together from 2001-2003.

In the summer of 2006, Sarah and Shoshanah drove together from Georgia to Missouri for the wedding of mutual college friends. It was a long drive, and at some point they decided to figure out how many Springfields there were in the US – having suspected it to be the most common place name in the States. (It’s not, but that part is irrelevant.) The answer they came up with at the time was 28. (That’s also not accurate, but irrelevant as well.)

Fast forward to the summer of 2008. With the excuse of a business trip, Shoshanah decided to spend some time visiting Washington DC from her home in Philadelphia, PA. On this weekend of adventures she met Avi.

One week later, both Avi and Sarah found themselves at the wedding of friends in Kansas. They discovered the mutual friend of Shoshanah and stayed in touch.

A few months later, the three of them were at a party when Sarah and Shoshanah’s list of Springfields came up again. Avi suggested a roadtrip. The idea was mostly considered a joke and the party continued.

A few weeks later, winter vacation was creeping up. Sarah, Avi, and Shoshanah still didn’t have any plans. After a few more discussions, googlemaps, and airline and rental car searches, the trip was born. They might not be able to hit all 30+ Springfields, but for a 9 day vacation, 16 Springfields would have to suffice.

Springfield, Nebraska is only 20 miles from Omaha, and on December 15th, three one way tickets to Omaha, Nebraska were purchased and a rental car was reserved for December 25th. Talk about last minute!

On December 17th, on her way home from the funeral of a friend’s father, Sarah started talking to someone else leaving the funeral and headed to New York City. She mentioned the roadtrip she had just finalized two days earlier and he mentioned his nephew who is currently suffering from Neuroblastoma, a rare and deadly childhood cancer. He suggested turning their roadtrip into something more meaningful and Sarah was immediately interested.

After calling and emailing Shoshanah and Avi it was decided. They would continue with their roadtrip as planned, but this time with an added purpose. If people of the Springfields of America, and people who find out about the trip, could donate just $10 for the further research and treatment of Neurblastoma, Band of Parents would be that much closer to finding a cure for the disease from which their children are currently suffering.

On December 18th, the details were confirmed and finalized.

On December 21st, the Facebook group was born.

On December 25th, the trip begins.

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