A technical update

Less than 24 hours after posting this site, I’m overwhelmed by the support we’ve gotten from family and friends. But here’s a simple truth: I wasn’t ready for you!

Over the next day or two, we’ll be tweaking this page and adding some more resources for both tracking our trip and supporting neuroblastoma research. Thanks for your patience, and remember to join our Facebook group!


Neuroblastoma is a rare but deadly childhood cancer affecting about 600 more children each year. Thankfully, it’s rare. Unfortunately, that means many drug companies aren’t willing to invest money for research and treatment of a disease most people have never heard of before.

What can you do?

Attraction? So maybe that’s stretching it…

And maybe we’re really Jewy, but we’ll be paying the good folks at Mt. Zion Congregation in Sioux Falls, S.D., a visit next(!!) Shabbat.

And no, it’s not in Springfield, but it’s only 108 miles from our second official stop, and doesn’t even take us off track. It’s almost a straight shot from Sioux Falls over to Springfield, Minn.

The map is not the territory, but it is coming together…

The route is pretty much final, we think. A mid-week conference call and harried back-and-forth IMing of Google Maps links gave us what looks to be a final list. We found our sixteenth Springfield, in Michigan, and settled on some tentative timing.

We’ll post updates here, of course, but we’d love it if you also joined our Facebook group, so we can get a sense of who’s out there watching.