Sixteen Springfields!

[sarah] We are on our way to New York City, after spending last night in Boston. We arrived in Boston after having visited Springfield, Vermont (#15) and Springfield, New Hampshire (#16) and accomplishing our goal of visiting 16 Springfields in 16 states in 9 days.

Our first stop of the day was in Vermont. It seemed like a lovely town which we were excited to arrive in because it had actually won the competition over a year ago to be the Springfield (among 16 nominated Springfields) to host the premeiere of The Simpsons movie.

Then we were on to Springfield, New Hampshire. Following the GPS direction led us down one winding local road after another, with nothing distinguishing the area as Springfield. As we back-tracked we decided to turn down another small local road, called Four Corners Road, assuming it must be at the corners of something to have warranted the name. A mile or so down the road we encountered exactly what we were hoping for: our sixteenth Springfield! We took a picture outside the Springfield Meetinghouse and Townhouse, dedicated in 1799.

Vermont and New Hampshire were beutiful and snowy – see the pictures below!

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In Ohio, they know us!

[sarah] Three Springfields in one day, the most we’ve covered in a single day so far on this trip. Indiana was fun. In Michigan, we got to pose with Jeanette, the municipal finance director. But the best was far and away Ohio. As we stood outside the historic downtown post office we were stopped by not one, not two, but five different people who didn’t just want to say “Good Afternoon” but actually told us that they’d heard about our visit!

Turns out we’d made the cover of the Springfield News-Sun local section from that morning! Our favorite? Hey, I’ve heard about you guys! You’re from Omaha, right?

When they asked, we reminded them that they could easily donate through our website or by sending in a check. And then we got interviewed by Channel 2 WDTN – our second on-camera interview. Before leaving town we made sure to pick up a copy of the paper-and-ink Springfield News-Sun. Thanks for a great afternoon, Ohio! Continue reading In Ohio, they know us!

The journey begins…

Hey folks – it’s Sarah.
Whew. Well, I’m on my way. Though the three of us all live in different cities, I decided to meet up with Shoshanah and travel to Nebraska with her from Philadelphia. 2 subways, 2 trains, and 1 cab later I have begun my journey a bit ahead of the other two. Let me tell you, after dragging all my stuff around on various modes of public transportation I am definitely excited about the prospect of being able to keep some stuff in our rental car once we reach Omaha. In my bag? Clothes and toiletries, books and maps, food and snacks, and even a bit of work (shh – don’t tell).

As for Philadelphia on Christmas Eve? Delicious vegetarian Chinese food. Yum!

Next stop: Springfield!