Country roads take us home, after dashing through the snow

Shoshanah here. Today’s trip was mostly dominated by snow. We left Columbus, Ohio at around 9am, and didn’t make it to our first Springfield of the day until 3:30 pm. There was a lot of white in between.

This morning, I had never driven in snow before in my life, since I learned to drive in South Carolina and Florida. With the aid of Avi and his living-in-Vermont experience, I can now confidently drive through whiteouts in the mountains of West Virginia.

Springfield, West Virginia was much larger and more exciting than we expected, and after holding up our banner in front of the post office and church, we hit the country roads again. Springfield, Virginia mostly identifies as being a suburb of DC, but there were still plenty of identifying Springfield signs to give the town its own character.

We’re spending the night in DC before heading to Springfields Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts tomorrow. Don’t forget to donate while you can still get some benefit from Uncle Sam for 2008. Happy New Year!

Standing in West Virginia
Standing in West Virginia
Standing in Virginia
Standing in Virginia

Springfield, SD, the world’s only Corn Palace, and 75 mph speed limits

Shoshanah here. On Friday we left Sioux City, Iowa bright and not-so-early, as sunrise is at around 8am in this part of the world. We drove through the booming metropolises of Vermillion and Yankton (the cattle capital of SD) on our way to Springfield, South Dakota, which was everything we hoped it would be and more.

We stood by the large, beautiful “Springfield” sign along the one and only road into town, where a surprisingly large number of cars passed by to check out our banner. Hopefully they’ll be visiting the site and supporting Neroblastoma research. Hi Springfield, SD!

We drove through town, noticed the local pastimes of fishing and golf, failed to visit the Springfield Historical Society Museum (“Closed for winter”), and sent postcards from the local post office. It was great.

Our next stop was Mitchell, SD, where we visited the world’s only corn palace, an entire building decorated in corn. (Guess what they grow around here.) We spent the night in Sioux Falls, after visiting a to-scale model of the USS South Dakota and throwing a lot of snowballs.

We’ll be back on the road again in the morning, headed to Springfield, MN

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