Misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye

Avi again. We’ve come into our very first snow of the trip which, given that we started on the 25th in Nebraska and spent time in South Dakota, is pretty remarkable.

Columbus, Ohio last night made a good waypoint from which to launch today’s push to Washington, D.C. for New Year’s Eve, with two Springfields on tap before the night’s festivities: West Virginia (10) and Virginia (11).

No major updates, except to note that the Longaberger corporate headquarters in Newark, Ohio, actually is a seven-story tall picnic basket which we all found incredibly cool. Or creepy. As always, thanks for your support, and thanks for your support. (Get those donations in today, and beat the IRS out of some money, or something.) Continue reading Misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye

Six sixteenths down, and a visit to the City of Broad Shoulders

Avi again. Long day today, but action-packed….

Our last post marked our departure from unincorporated Springfield, Wisconsin, and the beginning of our journey to the Land of Lincoln city perhaps most proud of the 16th president — and our sixth Springfield of the trip.

But we couldn’t go straight there. Just off the route in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, we stopped at the Jelly Belly Jelly Bean warehouse tour and factory. Time was tight, but we climbed aboard the bean-bedecked tram, put on our paper hats (FDA mandated), and saw a series of videos describing how Ronald Reagan’s favorite candies are made.

10 pounds of Belly Flops (and $28.80) later, we were out the door, and back on the road to our second intermediate stop: the Gemini Giant, alongside historic Route 66.

At last, the final push to Springfield, Illinois and the (!!) wating camera of WICS-TV 20. We stopped outside the historic state capitol, showed off our banner, and did a quick interview with producer Adam explaining our trip, the cause, and [hint, hint] how easy it is to donate just $10 and make a real difference in helping find a cure for neuroblastoma.

From the car, we also did interviews (and frantic twittering) with media in Springfields yet-to-come, and tomorrow’s final destination already has a great write-up of our trip online. We can’t wait to get there, and we promised it’d be by 5:00. Should’ve remembered that we’re leaving Central time; it’ll be an early morning. Continue reading Six sixteenths down, and a visit to the City of Broad Shoulders

Green? Check. Giant? Check? Jolly? Hard to tell…

Stopped by the Blue Earth, Minnesota, statue of the Jolly Green Giant just a bit ago, on the way from Springfield (Minn.) to Springfield, Iowa.

It was probably the hopping-est place we’ve been yet, the pictures are below. Two carloads of fellow road-travelers piled out from their similarly mud-encrusted rides to stretch their legs and take pictures. Truth be told, it was probably more fun to shoe-skate on the large, flat sheets of ice around the Giant than to actually climb between his legs and find out that he’s, well, neither he nor she…

You can also see some great pictures of the two Springfields, too: sporting the Band of Parents banner in front of the Minnesota town’s sign, and smack in the center of Iowa’s.

Stop by Google Maps to check out Springfield, Iowa, and then head over to Network for Good to support neuroblastoma research.

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Springfield, SD, the world’s only Corn Palace, and 75 mph speed limits

Shoshanah here. On Friday we left Sioux City, Iowa bright and not-so-early, as sunrise is at around 8am in this part of the world. We drove through the booming metropolises of Vermillion and Yankton (the cattle capital of SD) on our way to Springfield, South Dakota, which was everything we hoped it would be and more.

We stood by the large, beautiful “Springfield” sign along the one and only road into town, where a surprisingly large number of cars passed by to check out our banner. Hopefully they’ll be visiting the site and supporting Neroblastoma research. Hi Springfield, SD!

We drove through town, noticed the local pastimes of fishing and golf, failed to visit the Springfield Historical Society Museum (“Closed for winter”), and sent postcards from the local post office. It was great.

Our next stop was Mitchell, SD, where we visited the world’s only corn palace, an entire building decorated in corn. (Guess what they grow around here.) We spent the night in Sioux Falls, after visiting a to-scale model of the USS South Dakota and throwing a lot of snowballs.

We’ll be back on the road again in the morning, headed to Springfield, MN

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Attraction? So maybe that’s stretching it…

And maybe we’re really Jewy, but we’ll be paying the good folks at Mt. Zion Congregation in Sioux Falls, S.D., a visit next(!!) Shabbat.

And no, it’s not in Springfield, but it’s only 108 miles from our second official stop, and doesn’t even take us off track. It’s almost a straight shot from Sioux Falls over to Springfield, Minn.