And they’re off…

[Avi] A quick note from the road.

First, it’s not really the road yet. I’m sitting here at O’Hare, looking out on the snow-covered airfield and getting impatient: An hour and 45 minutes until my flight? But I’m ready now!

As I write, Sarah and Shoshanah are in the air on their PHL-MDW segment and then have another hop, MDW-OMA before we can hit our first Springfield this afternoon. But then the fun begins.

Weather at Eppley Airfield, though, looks nice: a balmy 26° F.

Should have more this afternoon or evening — along with some exciting pictures. Until then, leave us a note at the Facebook group and swing by Network for Good to throw the folks at Band of Parents some of your Chanukah gelt or Christmas Cash.

The journey begins…

Hey folks – it’s Sarah.
Whew. Well, I’m on my way. Though the three of us all live in different cities, I decided to meet up with Shoshanah and travel to Nebraska with her from Philadelphia. 2 subways, 2 trains, and 1 cab later I have begun my journey a bit ahead of the other two. Let me tell you, after dragging all my stuff around on various modes of public transportation I am definitely excited about the prospect of being able to keep some stuff in our rental car once we reach Omaha. In my bag? Clothes and toiletries, books and maps, food and snacks, and even a bit of work (shh – don’t tell).

As for Philadelphia on Christmas Eve? Delicious vegetarian Chinese food. Yum!

Next stop: Springfield!

The map is not the territory, but it is coming together…

The route is pretty much final, we think. A mid-week conference call and harried back-and-forth IMing of Google Maps links gave us what looks to be a final list. We found our sixteenth Springfield, in Michigan, and settled on some tentative timing.

We’ll post updates here, of course, but we’d love it if you also joined our Facebook group, so we can get a sense of who’s out there watching.