My [Springfields] aren’t designed for your enjoyment.

Left Chicago at 8:15 this morning, and made it to our next Springfield, an hour away in Indiana, at about 10:15. Welcome back to Eastern time.

Pics will post later, but the Springfield Township, La Porte County Volunteer Fire Department made an excellent backdrop for our first stop with the banner of the day, and then, about 1.5 miles up the road, we spent another bit of time at the Springfield School. Exciting? No, but it is a Springfield, and it moves us one closer to 16.

GPS tells me we’re 60.8 miles from our next stop — Springfield, Michigan — which will probably be another quick one. Then the long haul down to Ohio, with, time-permitting, some stops at roadside attractions on the way.

Hopefully yesterday’s stories will get folks to donate and join the facebook group. If you’re already on top of both, check out our tweets.

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