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Yertle the Turtle hates us. « 16Springfields

Yertle the Turtle hates us.

New Year’s Day meant, if nothing else, zero traffic for our drive from D.C. to Springfields 12 (Penn.), 13 (N.J.), and 14 (Mass.).

A slight detour in the wrong direction on the way to our first stop in Pennsylvania added an extra 9 minutes to our trip, along with a wonderful (and brief) tour of the town of Media. Totally different from Springfield. For starters, it’s name didn’t rhyme with “Bringfield.” It was a quick stop, as we had exciting business to attend to in New Jersey.

We were met at the Springfield, N.J., municipal building by three exciting new players: 16 Springfields Sarah’s pre-school-era friend (also) Sara (and also with a gracious donation), a producer from WWOR-TV, and the Sherwood family — parents of Billy, a 19-month old with neuroblastoma. After eight days and 12 Sringfields, it was incredible to meet Billy, his sister Sydney, and parents Dena and Billy, Sr.

Our final stop of the day was Springfield, Mass. which was beautifully blanketed in snow, yet disappointingly absent of Dr. Seuss; who closes an outdoor sculpture garden on New Year’s Day?! Also, it was really cold. An overnight low of -3°F!

At night, on our way to a relaxing evening out, we got very exciting news – our story on WWOR aired around 10:30 P.M. and apparently it was a really good piece. We were already in Vermont, and were unable to see it live ourselves, but Sara (Sarah’s pre-school-era friend) was able to record it, so we may be able to share it with you soon.

And now, on to our final Springfields of the trip: Vermont (15) and New Hampshire (16). Thanks for all your support so far.

Standing in PA

Standing in PA

Standing with TV Reporter and Sherwood Family in Springfield, New Jersey

Standing with TV Reporter and Sherwood Family in Springfield, New Jersey

Standing in Springfield, Massachusetts

Standing in Springfield, Massachusetts

2 Responses to “Yertle the Turtle hates us.”

  1. Avi I have been following your adventures and am very proud of your cause.

    Gramdma Liz

  2. Jason says:

    I’ve been following your journeys, and we just missed you in Springfield, NJ. We are actually there today visiting family. We hope everything is going well. 🙂
    Jason Shindler

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